Salesforce Opt-out / Unsubscribe Solution

Fully Automated Unsubscribe

Easy Opt is an end-to-end fully automated unsubscribe and Do Not Call solution that will ensure opt-outs are applied across your organization’s e-mail communications. It comes with two different option and both install in less than 15 minutes – No technical skills required.  

Depending on precisely how your organization prefers to engage your email recipients Easy Opt provides two options:

Option 1: For the ruthless unsubscriber - This solutions enables your email recipients to "Opt-out/ Unsubscribe" from everything". With two clicks, your email recipients are able to submit a request that immediately removes them from all of your email lists. If you feel like your targeted email recipients are the busy and impatient buyers, then this solution could be ideal for you.

Option 2: Designed for the savvy and patient email recipient. This recipient has the time to read your list of alternative actions.

USE CASE: Your email recipient clicks on your unsubscribe list, then enters his/her email address and clicks next. Email recipient is presented with a list  of all Active Campaigns for which they are Campaign Member in your org. At this point your email recipient can unsubscribe from “All" or select the specific Campaigns and click “Submit”

Trial Period: 14 days
Pricing: $75 / per month / per company or $900 /per year / per company
Salesforce Editions: Runs on Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition

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