Salesforce Training

Invest In Training for ROI

 Your training solution must drive real business value to offset costs

Having a terrific training plan is a huge step toward getting Salesforce off to a great start. After all, user adoption is the single most important ingredient in success. We’ve talked to our customers—across industries and around the world—to come up with the following best practices for creating your training plan

Provide hands-on training with real-life scenarios and data

We don't make your users figure out how hypothetical data applies to them. We'll  get your team excited by letting them see their data in the application, to show firsthand what Salesforce can do for them. We'll work with your team to develop real day-in-the-life scenarios your users will recognize as theirs.    

Reinforce your processes

We treat Salesforce  as an opportunity to roll out more effective processes that make life easier for your users. For example, introducing a a refined Opportunity process that uses the application’s Lead functionality to get leads directly from the Web and into Salesforce

“What’s in it for me?”

We know the significance of not just making demands to your users to UPDATE SALESFORCE. Your users want to understnad what they're getting back from managing their data in Salesforce. So we make sure the message is clear and the value is shared.  The best way to do so is to show how Salesforce CRM will make life easier—for example, with less administrative work, easier reporting, around-the-clock access, a clear view of the sales funnel, or easy forecasting. 

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