Send GoToMeeting Invites from Salesforce

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we provided a way for Sales and Service Agents who work in Salesforce, and also use GoTo Meeting for screensharing to:

  1. Schedule meetings
  2. Invite attendees
  3. Track event activities
  4. Analyze attendee details

all without having to constantly log in to both systems? 

Enter: Salesforce-to-GoToMeeting Integration

Our brand new GoToMeeting Integration lets Salesforce and GoToMeeting users perform all of these functions, without the user ever having to login to GoToMeeting again.  With just a few clicks during the setup process Salesforce users can seamlessly leverage the power of GoToMeeting from any object without ever leaving the Salesforce Platform.

So how does this Work? Do all of our users have to have their own GoToMeeting Integrations.


The GoToMeeting integration has a very simple two step process for setup:

Step 1: Users will go to the "User Setup" tab, insert their default meeting length, insert conference call details and Authenticate with GoToMeeting

Step 2: Salesorce-to-GoToMeeting integration works on any standard or custom object and requries the System Administrator to deploy our GoToMeeting buttons to each object. There are four buttons available for deployment:

Schedule Meeting - Users click on this button to set up their meeting. Just like in GoToMeeting the user will name the meeting, set the start time/date and define their conference call instructions

Invite to GoToMeeting - Enables the user to see a list of upcoming scheduled GoToMeetings. User selects a meeting, then clicks on Send Invite. This button is also available on the Contacts and Leads List views for selecting multiple recipients to receive your invitations

Schedule A Rep - Use this button when a Salesforce user does NOT have his/her own GoToMeeting credentials, but needs to book meetings for other Salesforce users who DO have GoToMeeting credentials

Meet Now: Click here for an impromptu meeting. Clicking this button instantly starts and opens the GoToMeeting panel and simultaneously sends  the meeting details and intructions to the Lead, Case or Contact record that you're on. Works perfectly from the Service Console.

Each GoToMeeting is automatically logged as a Salesforce Event


From this page in Salesforce for GoToMeeting, users Edit start times, resend meeting details to selected invitees, send invitations to other conacts and leads, they can start the meeting, and once a meeting is completed, they can import the meeting attendee list right in to Salesforce

Click on the "Support" icon on the left edge of this page to access a thorough knowledge base, filled with step-by-step visual installation instructions, videos, FAQ's, product announcements, and other rich details related to our GoToMeeting integration.  Use our konwledge base to get a head start on our Salesforce-to-GoToMeeting integration.

Trial Period: 14 days
License Cost: $8/month per User
Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition

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