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Picture this: You have dozens or perhaps even hundreds of Partners who you constantly owe Leads or updates to from your Salesforce database. Your staff spends hours and hours each week exporting data to share with each partner one at a time? It's not fun!

Enter: Report Scheduler


Voted as one of the "Best AppExchange Apps", the Report Scheduler automates scheduling Reports and Dashboards to send to any email address, no matter if the targeted recipient has a Salesforce license or not. Schedule any number of Reports per hour or per day or per company. 

Send to any User or Non User, as many per hour, any hour of the day you choose.  Send reports as PDF attachments, in Printable View format, as HTML in the Email body, or as .csv and xls files.

Ask us about using parameter values on our Report Scheduler UI to reduce the number of reports you have to manage and maintain.


Set up takes less than 10 minutes.

Trial Period: 14 days
Pricing: $100 /month /company  or $1,200/year/company
Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition

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