Salesforce Professional Edition Automation

Extend the number of workflows you are alotted in Salesforce Professional Edition (and Salesforce Enterprise Edition) with our "unlimited workflows" applicaiton on the  Salesforce AppExchange.

This amazing app gives Salesforce users unlimited workflows in Salesforce Professional Edition and Salesforce Enterprise Edtion on any Standard or Custom Object. Just set up the Workflow Rule (1 or more simple or complex conditions) for when you'd like the trigger to occur, then assign one or more trigger actions. The Workflow Engine takes over from there, and like magic, your crucial steps and reminders occur automatically, with zero human intervention. You can even write workflow Rules on formula fields.

Available Salesforce Trigger Actions include:

  1. Email Alerts:  Can be sent to Customers, Users and Non Users
  2. Field Updates:  Change the value of one ore more fields
  3. New Tasks : Set up a To Do or a Meeting for a User or a Queue
  4. Create a New Records: For example:
    1. "Create a New Lead" when Opportunity = Closed/Lost
    2. "Create a New Project" when an opportunity = Closed/Won, AND Type = Service


Our Team is here to guarantee your success.  We can/will build out your first 10 workflows during your free trial period. You'll instantly see the exponential value Workflow for Professional Edition provides. Watch a demo. 

Trial Period: 14 days
License Cost: $125/month/company
Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition

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