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Every customer we've every met, at some point has struggled with providing their users with the level of Salesforce Help that was necessary to maximize the value they relished by using this platform.. So what if you could take your most effective, most knowledgeable resources in every department across your organization and apply their "know-how", their methodology, their situational process (Coaching prompts), right into the hands of your Salesforce users.  And what if you could control these coaching prompts  such that they were only delivered to the records and the users who needed them, when they needed them? Would it increase your efficiency? Could it improve the adoption of Salesforce and decrease your ongoing training costs?

Enter: Salesforce Co-Pilot

Salesforce Co-Pilot is the ultimate assist man, enabling you to deliver very specific on-screen instructional guidance or coaching tips right to the desktop or device of targeted users and records, based on configurable workflow rules.  Configure hundreds of unique coaching tips, driven by very specific conditions that can then be applied to hundreds of different scenarios across any record on any standard or custom object in Salesforce.


Content can be deployed:

  1. As a sidebar component
  2. As Pop-up Alerts,
  3. As Inline Visualforce page messages
  4. From a custom "Co-Pilot" button 
  5. As "Global Messages from your Home Page layout
  6. As direct data feeds from any standard or custom object to your "Home Page" layout.

Workflow rules are configurable such that each page of content is delivered to the specific Salesforce record they'll impact. Content can be delivered to all users, or you can targeted users based on User Profile, User Role, or Public Group

Your organization can literally create hundreds of unique pages of content across all of your objects, addressing hundreds of different scenarios:

  1. News broadcast to your Home Page Layout
  2. Onboarding details for your Community users
  3. Step by step "How to" instructions (can include images, rich text, video links, etc.)
  4. Suggestions and or special pricing offers based on a new promotion that was just released
  5. A message that enforces data accuracy because you're  having data validation issues.  i.e."Confirm the total number of employees in yoru next phone call with this Lead."
The key is ONLY specified users will receive the content, and ONLY while viewing the exact record that meets the Workflow Rule criteria.

You'll find that the Salesforce Co-Pilot can actually reduce training time for you users. Rather than pulling users off the phones and into the training room, you can deliver specific, rich details, right to their fingertips, successfully guiding them through new procedures and processes without any prior notification.

Who might create one of these messages?
  • Training Department
  • Community Management Admin
  • Sales Leaders
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Customer Support Leaders
  • Internal Process Experts
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Power Users
  • Product Marketing
  • Partner Managers
  • Competition Committee
  • Data Analysts
  • Special Promotions Unit
What sort of messages might they deliver?
  • Strategy
  • Reinforced training tips
  • Salesforce Training
  • AppExchange Product Training
  • Emergency reponse to an unexpected event
  • Data accuracy message Don’t forget to update ....."
  • Training guide procedural steps for new users
  • Project management checklist for "red" situations
  • Step-by-step help desk solutions
  • Process Flows
  • Case Solution Details
  • Sales Scripts
  • Gamificaiton Messages and contest questions
  • Customer service scripts
  • Strategic competitive positioning statements
  • Diagrams
  • Rich Text, images, urls, flow diagrams, etc
  • Next Steps "Call this Lead 1 more time, then send them this email tempalte", etc...
  • Any procedure or policy that can drive or impact decision making
  • Any piece of relevant data or description that can help eliminate a deficiency
  • Any form of Sales Help
What might the sample Criteria look like?
Criteria can be configured to meet any combination or field values on any object and for any record:
Case Object Rule:
  • Case Type = Problem
  • Case Status = New
  • Product = Widget 125
  • Issue = Installation Error
  • Device Type = iPhone 5
  • Public Group = Tier 1 Support

Opportunity Object Rule:

  • Stage is NOT EQUAL to Closed/Won
  • Amount is GREATER THAN or EQUAL TO $30,000
  • Tier 1 Competitor = True
  • Type = New Customer

Salesforce Help doesn't get any smarter than this!

Trial Period: 90 days
License Cost:*  $250/month/Company or $2,750/year/Company 
Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition

* Company = 1 Salesforce org ID + its related Sandboxes is entitled to an enterprise license, which provides access to all of your Salesforce users in 1 Salesforce org ID + Sandboxes)


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