Need Salesforce Help?

Silver Support

With our CRMGuidance Silver package we act as your “Remote” System Administrators, responsible for maintaining your org, and actively ensuring your CRM success.

With this package you gain access to Salesforce "Best practices" via a diverse group of Salesforce certified experts (on every facet of the platform). This Team will work directly with your management and users, first getting familiar with your organizations key processes and objectives. Then towards delivering key wins with new functionality and capabilities that drive efficiency and adoption. 

Call us or write to us, and we'll even help you with a cost benefit analysis for Remote Admin vs Direct Hire or having one of current employees , with limited Salesforce expertise, continue as your Salesforce Administrator.

  • Maximum of 20 Hours of Salesforce Help Per Month
  • $2,500/month
  • Minimum 3 month contract required
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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