Emailing Salesforce Attachments 

The fact that you're exploring this AppExchange App leads us to believe you may have already experienced the inefficiencies of sending attachments records from any record in Salesforce.  We understand your users would like the ability to attach an attachment from Salesforce to email without saving it to their PC first.

"Email Attachments" is an easy to use application that saves your users clicks when it comes time to forwarding files that appear on the Notes & Attachmetns related list. If you’re a high volume, high touch department that has to share/distribute your Salesforce attachments via email, then Email Attachments helps you manage that process much smarter, reducing the time and the effort needed to forward and share  attachments with anyone inside or outside your organization.

Email Attachments works with any of your existing email templates and from any standard or custom object, and enables users to easily send files that are stored on the "Notes & Attachments" related list, your desktop, Chatter, Content, Documents and  My Computer without having waste clicks by downloading your attachments to your desktop. It installs in less than 5 minutes.

Trial: 14 days

Pricing: $8 /month/user (minimum 10 users)

Unlimited User Pricing: $1,000/month for 125 users to Unlimited users

Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition

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