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Automatically Converts Leads to Opportunities

Imagine adding a person to your staff, who did nothing more than analyze your Leads 24 hours per day, looking to validate the precise moment any Lead absolutely, positively met your organizations standards for converting Leads to Opportunities ? And once that person finds  a Lead that meets your standards, he converts them Opportunities, without creating duplicate Accounts or Contacts.


Enter: Auto Convert Leads

Like clock work "Auto Convert Leads" delivers consistently. Once you set the rules and conditions for when Leads should be converted, it adheres to your standard, without devitaiton and without complaining. Do you convert based on "Lead Score"? Is a combination of fields set to specific values that you instruct your team to convert?  Leads are the foundation to your sales pipelline. Having a consistent Lead conversion process translates to having a consistent pipleline and more accurate forecasting.

So how are the rules set up? Will your App create duplicates Accounts or Contacts?

Setting up you rule criteria is  straight forward; Point, click and type to set your convert rules, then Auto Convert automates this process.  You can also define your duplicate criteria to prevent adding duplicate records to you Salesforce.  Set up is less than 10 minutes.   Click here to watch a high level overview of "Auto Convert Leads"

Trial Period: 3 days
Pricing: $699/year/company
Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition,  Unlimited Edition

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