Profile Based Permissions for Activities

Ever wanted the ability to prevent a user or a spefic profile from seeing the related Activity details on a parent record they have access to viewing? Ever needed the ability to prevent any user or all users and profiels from deleting Activites that they can view?

Enter: Activity Eagle


The Activity Eagle gives you those controls for every object and every user or profile. The Activity Eagle enables Salesforce Administrators to manage the Create, Read, Edit and Delete permissions on Activities and Attachments based on the users profile.  Now Admins can prevent specific profiles from Editing or Viewing Activities once the Activity Status has been set to "Completed".  And, at the same time, enable Users to Create and View their Activities, but prevent them from deleting those same Activities. You can also enables those with Sharing Rule access to view or not view Activities of those who are peers by sharing rules.

Trial: 7 days

Cost: $75/ per month / per company

Salesforce Edition: Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition

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