Salesforce Trigger for Activity Roll-up Summaries

 What if there was a way that your Salesforce users could instantly search for any Lead or Case or Opportunity reocrd that had "0" completed activities?

Enter: Activity Counter

Activity Counter is the instant Salesforce Trigger for Counting Tasks and Events on any Object you choose. It’s an easy to install, easy to use App that gives customers the out-of-the-box Activity Roll-up Summary fields  they’ve been looking for. It costs far less than outsourcing Salesforce Triggers, and even the most novice Salesforce user can get the Activity Counter up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Salesforce Trigger

Here’s what it does:

Provides roll-up summary totals for Tasks and Event on ANY Object in real-time, grouped into the following fields:

  1. Total Open Tasks
  2. Total Completed Tasks
  3. Totals Past Due Tasks
  4. Total Tasks
  5. Upcoming Events 
  6. Completed Events

But what if we want to customize these triggers by adding new roll up fields or by adding filters to the criteria?


Create custom roll-up summary fields based on the criteria of your choice. Point and click your way to designing your own custom roll-up summary fields based whatever Task or Event criteria you choose. You name the field, you define the filters, and Activity Counter will track and aggregate these values in real-time, on any object you choose.

Create custom list views on any of your custom or standard roll-up summary fields. i.e. My Leads With “0” Completed Activities. Watch a demo

Trial Period: 3 days
License Cost: $499/year/company
Salesforce Editions: Salesforce Group Edition, Salesforce Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition,  Unlimited Edition

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