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Allow changes in formula field value to trigger workflow

Posted by Sheila B. on Oct 15, 2016 11:09:05 AM

One of the most common uses and requests that we get related to Salesforce Workflow is "Can we set up a Workflow Rule that automatically sends out Alerts based on  the time of Day"?

The answer is yes, but currently, it requires you to use the AppExchange App "Unlimited Workflows, (AKA Workflow for Professional Edition). 

No matter if you have Salesforce Professional Edition or Salesforce Enterprise Edition, this can be acheived with AppExchange App "Unlimited Workflows".  Using Unlimited Workflows (also known as Workflow for Professional Ediiton", here is what we did for a client who recently had the following requirement:

We would like to create workflow rule to send our active clients an email alert on the 15th and 25th of every month during business hours.  How should the workflow rule look so that it works correctly?

Here is what we did to deliver this requirement:

Top 15 Workflow Rules for Salesforce Professional Edition Users

Posted by Mike Johnson on Jul 14, 2015 8:31:00 AM

Historically, Salesforce Professional Edition users do not have a great deal of experience using Salesforce automation tools to address their automation needs. So we thought it would be helpful to share the 15 - 20 most commonly requested Workflow Rules that our customers ask our support team to build for them.

FYI: These rules are possible because the Professional Edition customers are using "Workflow for Professional Edition" from the AppExchange, voted as one of the Top Salesforce Apps for Professional Edition

Available Workflow Actions with Workflow for Professional Edition

  1. Email Alerts- send an alert to a Lead, Contact, Related Contact, Users, Non User, and Role, or the Record Owner
  2. Create New Records – this Salesforce Trigger functionality enables you to create a record on current or a related object, including from Opportunity to Lead
  3. Field Updates – update any editable field on any standard to custom object
  4. Tasks – create a Salesforce Task for the Record Owner, Role or any User

3 Benefits of Workflow Automation With Salesforce Workflow & Salesforce Triggers

Posted by Mike Johnson on Jul 9, 2015 6:17:00 PM

What is the key to achieving maximum return on your investment? Leveraging workflow automation with Salesforce Triggers and Salesforce Workflow

What is Workflow Automation?
It’s the conversion of time consuming manual tasks into consistent, systematic, automated processes.

  • Example One: Instead of going through manual steps to create meeting follow-up and appointment reminders, a workflow can be created to automatically initiate reminders based on specific rules you’ve set. Rules such as “3 days before a Close Date”, or “1 day after or 1 hour before a Meeting Start Time” send a reminder to the Customer and/or to the Sales Rep.

  • Example Two: Automatically create a new project record every time an Opportunity Type = “Service” and Opportunity Stage is set to “Closed/Won”, then create a “schedule Kick-off Meeting alert to the Project Manager.


  • Example Three: Automatically change Lead Status to “Inactive” when Last Activity and Last Modified Dates = 30 days, and then send an Alert to the Rep or his/her Manager.