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Answers to our Most Common Salesforce GoToWebinar Integration Questions

Posted by Sheila B. on Jul 4, 2018 3:23:50 PM

Answers to the Most Common Questions We Hear at GoToWebinar

So, your company uses GoToWebinar and Salesforce, and you're exploring an integration between these tool Apps and you  have questions: how to do something, when to do something, if it does something and can we see something ....  Or maybe you want to know if something is a good idea or a huge mistake. Relax. You’ve come to the right post.

Here are some of the most common GoToWebinar Salesforce Integration questions we hear, along with our answers based on years of experience.

Can our Salesforce users see our Webinar Poll Results, Q&A Results and Survey Results on Leads and or Contacts in Salesforce?

  Yes. There are multiple different ways for you to review your Attendee Q&A, Poll and Survey Results:

1. We've include multiple out of the box Salesforce Reports with our App. Go to Reports tab > Search for the folder titled "Webinars". Here is a sample listing of our out-of-the-box reports:

2. Go to the "GoToWebinars Tab > Click on Past Webinars sub tab > Click on any Webinar Title. Every Webinar automatically tracks your attendee Q&A, Poll and Survey Responses. This view here gives you a collective view of all Attendee Responses. Use the green highlighted sub tabs to navigate between Q&A, Poll and Survey Responses. But notice you also have access to a high level view of the total number of responses in the "Webinar Details" section:


3. Go to the "GoToWebinars Tab > Click on Past Webinars sub tab > Click on any Webinar Title > Click on the "Registrants" sub tab > Look in the left column for registrants where Attended field has been selected. Then click on the corresponding Name > If this Attendee had and questions, or answered your Survey or Polls, you will see their results on the lower portion of this page.


Can your GoToWebinar Integration track Webinar Attendance?

Yes, our GoToWebinar Integration enables you to track attendance, no matter how many webinars a Lead or Contact has Registered for and or Attended. See the image below as an example of a Lead who has Registered for multiple Webinars. 

Users gain full insight into any Lead or Contacts Webinar History, including the Webinar Title, Date, Date Organizer Name and Attendance.

Related List view of Webinar History from Lead and Contact Objects

Within each individual Webinar, users can also see the attendance details from the "Registrants" sub tab. Notice the "Attended" column flags who has Attended your completed webinars. In the example below only 2 of the 6 Registrants actually logged in to this Webinar. 

NOTE: By clicking on the "Link" url, users is taken directly to that Contact or Lead record, where that records entire Webinar History (as shown in the image above) is then available. 


Can your App bulk register Leads and or Contacts to our Webinars? 

Yes, you can send bulk invitations from your Contacts and Lead List views. From your stand Salesforce list view on Leads and Contact, users will simply select the records they wish to invite, then click on our out-of-the box-button named "Invite Registrant to a Webinar" > then choose the webinar they wish to invite their Leads/Contacts. 

This action send that persons info to GoToWebinar and the invitee receives the standard GoToWebinar invitation   

Does your app still work since LogMeIn purchased GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting?

Yes, the newest version of our GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar Integration does work with the new LogMeIn endpoint. Please make sure you have installed version 3.10 or greater to get the updates that support the LogMeIn updates to GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

To get the most current version, follow these steps: 

  • Login to
  • Go to Subscriptions and Installations
  • GoToMeeting Integration
  • Click on Update Available


Can your App sync all of our old Webinars?

Yes, it can. You actually have the ability to define how far back we're syncing your webinars. Whether you have one GoToWebinar account or multiple, you have the ability to define, by account, what date range of old webinars you wish to sync with Salesforce. 

Can your App add our Registrants to our Campaigns?

Yes, for our customers who get our "Unlimited Users" license, you will have the ability to configure the integration to "Create a Campaign record" for each Webinar, then add registrants as Leads or Contacts to the Campaign Members for each Campaign. 

How does licensing work? Why is there a minimum of 5 licenses when we only have 1 GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar Account?

First, it's important that you understand what a Licensed User is:

A licensed user to us, is any one of your Salesforce users who wants/needs to view any of the GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting data that is synchronized from LogMeIn to Salesforce. This means any one of your Salesforce users who wants/needs to see any of the following data that is produced by our integration:  

  • List of Upcoming Webinars
  • List of Past Webinars
  • All Registrant details
  • All Attendee details
  • Webinar History related list from the Leads/Contacts object
  • Webinar Attendee Poll Results
  • Webinar Attendee Q&A Results
  • Webinar Attendee Survey Results
  • List of  Upcoming GoToMeetings
  • List of Past GoToMeetings
  • Any/all reports that are generated/available as a result of our integration 

NOTE: If you have users who use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, they only need 1 license, not 2

Cost and Payment Options

  • $96/user/year, up to 49 users; (this averages out to be $8/month per user) - This option is only available when paid annually
  • $400/month per month/company or $4,800/year/company - Enterprise License
    • Unlimited Users License = all of your Salesforce users in 1 Salesforce Org ID, plus it's related Sandboxes 

More details summary of who needs our license

Licensing is based only on the users who need to access this integration .. As an example, if you have 300 Licensed Salesforce users, but only 20 of those users need to use our GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting Integrated data you only need to subscribe to 20 licenses with CRMGuidance. A user is defined as:

  • Each Webinar Organizer who wants to sync their webinar details into Salesforce (Webinar details = Upcoming/Past Webinars and their related Registrants, Attendees, and Attendee Poll, Survey, Question responses): AND ALSO
  • Any Salesforce user who wants to view GoToWebinar Registration History on Leads and/or Contact, or the list of Upcoming/Past Webinars and their related Registrants, Attendees, or Poll, Survey, Question results, or GoToMeeting History or Invitees, Attendees, etc.

Additional Details for the Admins: 

NOTE: Be sure that when installing our App from the AppExchange, choose the PERMISSIONS option to ALLOW ALL USERS. This does not mean you are licensing all users in your org, it just means that from a security perspective, SF is setting the stage to expose our tabs and the related objects and fields to the users who you assign a license to. Nobody will see these tabs, objects or fields until you add them to the list of users on the Manage Users page. If you overlook this step, and don't assign to All Users, once you've assigned a license to a Profile that has not been granted Profile Permissions, as the Admin, you will have to go to the profile and manually expose all of the components of our app to that profile. 

After you install our App from the AppExchange, the first thing you need to do as the SF Admin is Manage Users

Do all of our Sales Reps or Salesforce  users have to have their own GoToMeeting account in order to Schedule or Invite a Lead or Contact  to a GoToMeeting? 

No, this is not a requirement.

Users without their own GoToMeeting account will use our "Scheduled A Rep" button found on Leads and Contacts Objects. Once your user clicks on the Scheduled A Rep button they are presented with a list of GoToMeeting accounts that are connected to your Salesforce org. From there, your user simply selects the GoToMeeting account for which they'd like to schedule a meeting,  then configure the meeting. 


GoToWebinar Salesforce Integration

Posted by Sheila B. on Jul 4, 2018 12:53:14 PM

New and Improved GoToMeeting Integration With Salesforce

When you’re working with a seemingly endless number of apps and tools outside of Salesforce, it’s hard to know which tools or apps serve your organization the best. One key measurement for how well a tool is working for you is its ability to make you more efficient and effective at your job.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our latest enhancement of our GoToWebinar Salesforce integration. Our new integration means you can combine two high-powered tools you use every day to manage leads and meet with prospects, so you can save time and close more deals.

Request A Demo

The newest enhancement allows Salesforce / GoToWebinar users/dependents to enjoy the convenience and efficiency that comes with having the top online meeting tool built right in to Salesforce . Users gain seamless visibility of a Lead or Contacts full Webinar History report; i.e. Webinar attendances, Dates, every QA, Poll, Survey Response submitted by that Lead/Contact, by Webinar,  all automatically organized in Salesforce. 

Our GoToWebinar’s Salesforce integration is simple to use, and takes no more than 10-15 minutes to set up and sync your historic webinars right into Salesforce.  Once your company’s admin installs the app,  your Sales, Support and Customer Service Reps can see a Leads or Contacts complete history of registering and attending Webinars. They can see every Survey Response, every Poll and every Q&A interaction  by ever Lead or Contact who has attended a Webinar. No more having to open any contact, lead and see the Webinar Registration and Attendance history. Users and easily invite or register leads and contacts without having to go to another page.  

Here’s what it looks like:

Licensing is $8/month/user, with a break point for 50+ users (get unlimited users for a flat monthly or annual fee)

Request A Demo