About Us

Our Team is swarming with people who love what they do. Every day we get the opportunity to make a customers workplace a better place. Our Customer Support department is the face of the company. If ever we're not living up to your expectations, please let us know.
We are thankful for each opportunity to make Salesforce a success for our clients. No matter if you are a team of one or a Global Organization, we take pride in deploying solutions that helps you meet or exceed your business objectives.
The backbone of CRMGuidance. This team works diligently to deliver Applications that work and are easy to use. Our goal is to never stop improving ourselves and our Apps. Send us your ideas. How can we make what we have better? How can we make new Apps that continue to resolve important business problems?

Meet our team

We all know that people do business with people, not companies. Take a moment to peek into CRMGuidance leadership. We care what you think. We care what you have to say. Share your thoughts.

James Williams

Sheila B

VP of Support

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Sheila is the "Mamma Bear" in the office. Her objective is to be responsive to our clients (and prospective clients) and to always work towards improving on our ability to communicate effectively with our customers. Her emphasis is on support documentation and support communications. Sheila directs implementation and provides strategic direction for the customer support function, service level management and relationship management for our customer support center.

Mike Johnson

Lead Solution Architect

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Mike is the Quarterback. He's customer facing and has more than 14 years of hands on Salesforce.com experience. He holds 5 Salesforce Certifications: System Administrator, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Consultant and Developer. He's worked on-site on well more than 100 large scale Projects all over the World, from Scottsdale to Europe and Australia. He has deep business acumen across numerous vertical markets and is very good at breaking things down in a way that the customer can easily consume. He will speak your language regarding Sales and Service processes. Mike has worked on Projects at Honeywell Aerospace, Marsh McClellan, CRBard and numerous other Global organizations.


Yogesh Kumar

VP of Application Development

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Yogesh is a true Salesforce Master. His focus is aimed at making sure CRMGuidance builds solutions that help users more efficiently complete tasks or processes in Salesofrce. As the Programming Head he works closely with our Analysts to develop the necessary specifications for all of our applications and customer solutions.